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tony adamo

This website showcases the creative work of tony adamo.

Check the pages above for examples of film, graphics, photography and musical interludes.

Photo : Stephen Walls

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All artwork and photographs by tony adamo unless otherwise stated.  Reproduced with permission.

All moving images by tony adamo and members of the.nullgroup.  All music by tony adamo.

All rights reserved.  The copyright remains with the author.

Enquiries, commissions and collaboration welcome.

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A teacher of Design, Media and Music Technology, a photographer, film maker and electronic musician and producer.

But not all at once..

Professionally, I undertake a variety of photographic and film commissions.  These include work in schools, producing promotional materials and documenting events.  I also work for companies and individuals requiring web content; particularly live music events and one off projects for Martial Arts associations, both here in the UK and in Japan.

If you would like to offer a commission, please use the e-mail address below..