Onsite store..  Here you can buy music by ten:ten and b.nine and also null.modular Eurorack panels..   Currently available to buy is the compilation, 'thereplayer' CD.   Eurorack panels will be available soon.. 

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tony adamo / ten:ten / b.nine / film compilation of eight tracks, over 60 minutes duration.

'golconda' (remix, 'the.present'/ ten:ten, 2.08)
'snail space' ('dron' / b.nine, 10.38)
'fantomas' ('the.present' / ten:ten, 2.42)
'a break in the clouds' (excerpt, 'the.present' / ten:ten, 6.06)
'robots with hair driers' (film score, 2.23)
'due' ('due' / b.nine, 33.11)
'kessinger' (remix, film score, 1.58)
'..and the red sky' ('talking to statues' / ten:ten, 4.01)

'thereplayer' - cd

tony adamo / ten:ten / b.nine / film 

..available as a physical, hand made CD from the shop on this site and as a download from Bandcamp.

'due' b.nine

'due' (33 mins 13 secs)
'dimension d' (9 mins 45 secs)
'other instruments' (16 mins 02 secs)

'due' b.nine  -  cd : sold out

tony adamo plays elektron and moog synthesisers, omnisphere and the null.modular eurorack synthesiser. karl dudley plays effected harmonica on, 'other instruments' samples : short wave radio, found sounds, shinkoiwa station, tokyo recorded and mixed at the.backroom, stourbridge, 2017 

..available now as a download from Bandcamp, complete with additional edits and remixes.


tony adamo, ten:ten and b.nine


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