Music production projects currently include 'ten:ten', a live electronic music persona, 'b.nine', an experimental distraction and 'lichen', an exciting ongoing collaboration with Peter Coyle.

 Photography / Film

Professionally, I undertake a variety of photographic and film commissions.  These include promotional materials, web content, live music events and for Martial Arts associations, both here in the UK and in Japan.

A series of films, from documentary to music video, supporting live music events and promotional shorts.


Products available include hand-made CD's and DVD's and Eurorack modular accessories.


Contact me via email, other sites and social media.

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twitter : @thetonyadamo
instagram : nullten
soundcloud : tony adamo / tenten
bandcamp : tony adamo / ten:ten / b.nine
spotify : lichen
vimeo : tony adamo
etsy : nullarts
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All artwork and photographs by tony adamo unless otherwise stated.  Reproduced with permission. All moving images by tony adamo and members of the.nullgroup.  All music by tony adamo. All rights reserved.  The copyright remains with the author. 
 Enquiries, commissions and collaboration welcome. 
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