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..a selection of iPhone photographs - Japan 2023


Still from music video, 'Lack of Inhibition', Peter Coyle Fractal, 2017


You can access the following films and more on my Vimeo channel by clicking the images and button below.. This will open on a new page. 

12:16  :  'grand central'

A series of twelve one minute films, released each month in 2016.  Music by tony adamo / ten:ten - 'grand central' includes a remix and short edit of the track, 'Kessinger', composed especially for this project.  When asked to translate 'grand central' into Latin, Google Translate returns, "Kessinger', I rather like that.. 

 Number two, February, shot in New York, Summer 2013.

'lack of inhibition'  peter coyle fractal

The result of a collaboration with peter coyle fractal, visuals for the track, 'lack of inhibition'. A mix of Freud, Jung and Times Square imagery.. Music was recorded live at The Flapper, Birmingham, 24.3.2017, as part of the Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music No. 2. Video shot in New York, Summer, 2013.


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