Music production projects currently include 'ten:ten', a live electronic music persona, 'b.nine', an experimental distraction and 'lichen', an exciting ongoing collaboration with Peter Coyle.  Please check them out using the links below..

Available now, a new album; 'strange noise' by tony adamo / ten:ten - a follow up to 'strange matter' - a series of  remixes, alternate versions and adaptations of the earlier album, with two additional tracks.  It’s a very different album and it’s quite noisy..

strange noise
..a series of  remixes, alternate versions and adaptations of the earlier album, ’strange matter’ with two additional tracks; it’s a very different album.  The emphasis during the new production was on the noisier aspects of the tracks, adding noise sources, additional drones, textures and orchestrations, but also including softer elements.  The tracks may use some of the original themes, but they have their own character and sonic footprint..

Available now, a new album; 'strange matter' by tony adamo / ten:ten - ambient, jazzy, noisy, freeform, melodic feedback, multi-layered, dynamic..

Inspired by a visit to Hiroshima, the Peace Park and Museum, with hope for the future.

Now available on Bandcamp..


A new b.nine release, the fourth; hence the title, ‘yon’.  Available previously as a physical CD and sold at gigs.  Now on @Bandcamp..

This album now available on Bandcamp..

 ‘some latitude for strangeness’
some latitude for strangeness

'The overall feel is relaxed and immersive; six tracks of chilled ambient soundscapes..'

available to stream and purchase using the Bandcamp link above..

Original film footage for 'the nets' taken on ‘The Bund’, early evening, Shanghai, October 2017.

New single 03/03/2022

#BandcampFriday : A new track, ’the iron and the light’ - the proceeds from which will be donated (in perpetuity) to @RedCrossUkraine / @UNICEF_uk 
A special remix from the forthcoming album, ‘some latitude for strangeness’. 


A musical collaboration with Peter Coyle (ex - Lotus Eaters), available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

'the footage in the scarred sky'

Released on Spotify, 4th December 2020

Further information on the music of Peter Coyle can be found here..

peter coyle fractal - music is life

'The Theatre'

Peter Coyle has an exciting new dramatic podcast, written and performed by Peter Coyle and Cristiana Turchetti; 
‘The Theatre’
Catch the trailer now and the podcast starts Monday 31st October + every Monday on 


An experimental distraction - drone and sample based - 4 albums now available on Bandcamp. 


An extensive collection of music from my initial recordings to film scores and live recordings, 11 albums in total.

The back catalogue will be re-mixed when time permits.. info coming soon..


tony adamo, ten:ten and b.nine


earlier music can be found here - tony adamo / tenten

The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music

live performance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    photo : Julia Adamo-Walls

The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music, No. 11, UK

Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th October, 2023  :   London and Birmingham UK

tony adamo / ten:ten

Thursday 12th October, 2023  :  The Water Rats, London
Sunday 15th October, 2023  :  The Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

21/21 Project  :  21 one minute films in 2021

Each a single musical and visual statement in 1 minute.  Completed December 2021.